About Us

Hello and Welcome to Radiant Life

Radiant Life is run by a young girl passionate about the gifts of nature. This business was started by her parents and, after many years, was passed down to their daughter. Throughout her life, Kristen was taught the values of living healthy. Now Kristen has developed a love for all things natural, organic, and healthy. This is still in her early stages of life, but she hopes to inspire others to love all things health just as she does.

Our Mission

Most products, if not all, of this century is filled with harmful chemicals that is bad for us and the enviroment. Our hope is to create a healthy and green mindset in our customers and that they in turn will do the same to their family and friends.
Life is filled with so much noise and we often forget about taking time to take care of ourselves, and at Radiant Life, we aim to change that. Having a healthy lifestyle is an art form that not many appreciate or realize. This is also a life-long commitment that not many, well, commit to. We would love to inspire everyone to appreciate the absolute marvel of health in both the body and the mind. We all can learn so much from nature and we, at Radiant Life, absolutely love learning!
As we all know and have probably heard over the course of our whole lives, healing takes time. A lot of time as well. When we look at the damages caused in nature we can see just how long it takes for nature to fully heal itself. The animals, plants, grasses, and so on all need time to recuperate before life can go "back to normal." Therefore, is it not the same with us? When we heal, either it be physically, mentally, or emotionally, it always take a long time to begin to heal. Even after that, if the damage went deep enough, there will be scars. However, is that not where the beauty also lies? We view that as something to celebrate. Your body is very strong and resilient - add the power of the mind - you are one awesome individual! Nature is an absolute gift that we as humans, unfortunately, take for granted more than most of the time. It is something so precious and loving that we all have to work together to protect. It is essential that we learn how to properly respect nature.
Radiant Life will admire the beauty and power of nature for many years still to come. We hope that you will all walk the journey with us. Now I encourage you all to challenge yourself to be more green in mind and body, so, let us all join hands and grow together.